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Last fall, I wrote about how U.S. energy development is creating jobs in places you might not expect – such as in the Aker shipyard in Philadelphia. In September, ExxonMobil affiliate SeaRiver Maritime signed an agreement with Aker to build two new Liberty Class tankers. Last week, the Philadelphia Inquirer looked into what this new business means for the shipyard, which was on the brink of closing just a year ago.

Americans have seen numerous benefits flow from increased production of natural gas from shale and other unconventional sources – from more jobs to greater revenue and economic activity. But the benefits of shale gas development are not only economic – they are environmental as well, as findings from the International Energy Agency confirm. According to the IEA, greater use of natural gas instead of coal in the United States has contributed to a significant drop in overall U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.

If you’re looking to find news and information about ExxonMobil – or to learn more about the energy industry in general – take a look at ExxonMobil’s new app for iPad®. Released today, the free ExxonMobil app is where you will find our latest publications, videos and interactive content. You can download it to your iPad at Apple’s App Store℠.

You may not have heard of Responsible Care, the chemical industry’s global safety framework. But chances are that many of the plastics and other materials you interact with every day – in your car, home and workplace – have been made better and safer because of it. For more than 20 years, Responsible Care has been the cornerstone of the chemical industry’s commitment to improving the safety, health and environmental impact of its products and operations.

This summer, you’re likely going to see a lot more talk about exports of American-made energy. As a result of the oil and natural gas industry’s technological innovations, including hydraulic fracturing, the United States is producing levels of oil and natural gas that no one expected just a few years ago. Under the guise of protecting American interests, some are claiming that energy resources are not like other products that are commonly traded on international markets – and therefore exports should be limited. This is a fundamentally untrue statement.

We recently released our annual Corporate Citizenship Report, now in its ninth year. The report details ExxonMobil’s plans and performance over 2011 related to safety, the environment, economic development, corporate governance and social progress throughout our global business. You can download the report and access the key data at our website.

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