EnergyFactor By ExxonMobil | Pespectives has a new home

Download the free ExxonMobil app for iPad®

If you’re looking to find news and information about ExxonMobil – or to learn more about the energy industry in general – take a look at ExxonMobil’s new app for iPad®.

Released today, the free ExxonMobil app is where you will find our latest publications, videos and interactive content. You can download it to your iPad at Apple’s App Store℠.

I recommend checking out the enhanced version of ExxonMobil’s Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040. There you can access interactive graphics that give more detail about the work we do around the world to bring energy supplies to consumers, including:

  • A deep-water drilling animation, which puts in context the depths at which we drill to find and produce oil and natural gas.
  • An electricity primer, which shows how energy is used to produce electricity and how it’s transmitted to your home.
  • A hydraulic fracturing animation, which demonstrates how the process works and the depths at which it takes place.

You can also follow the latest on the Perspectives blog from the app. Read more in today’s announcement, or if you’re on your iPad, download the app here.

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