Energy Outlook

The EPA is already 135 days late in finalizing its ethanol blending volumes for 2014 — all the more reason to scrap the renewable fuels standard.

The WHO’s updated estimates on deaths from household air pollution offer a sobering reminder of the universal human need for energy and modern energy infrastructure.

The significant recent increase in U.S. oil production represents by far the largest addition to world oil supplies over the last few years from any nation on the planet.

America’s recent increase in oil output – not the total production figure, just the increase – is more than the daily production from major oil-producing nations like Venezuela, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Angola, and Libya.


Energy Outlook video available

Posted: December 18, 2013 by Ken Cohen

Last week in Washington, Bill Colton and I explained the economic and technological assumptions underpinning ExxonMobil’s Outlook for Energy.

ExxonMobil just released our annual Outlook for Energy, which we use to guide our long-term business decisions. We also make the Outlook public to help policymakers and other stakeholders understand the global energy and economic trends.