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News stories about hydraulic fracturing often highlight unsubstantiated statements of activists opposed to the practice regardless of the scientific evidence undermining their position. It’s good to see the Obama administration rejects those views.

My last post touched on ways industry and government are working to ensure that producing oil and natural gas in offshore environments is done safely and responsibly. I was pleased to mention a recent milestone announced by the Marine Well Containment Company, which has produced a single-ram capping stack – weighing an astonishing 100 tons…

According to BloombergBusinessweek , energy production in the Gulf of Mexico is finally bouncing back three years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon accident – and the federal government’s response – brought activity to a halt.

Turns out the Center for American Progress is not the only organization that plays fast and loose with language to the detriment of our public policy dialogue.

The Center for American Progress has been among the most persistent sources of misinformation about our company and our industry, which is why it’s important to set the record straight.

Like clockwork, the Center for American Progress has issued its quarterly out-of-context characterization of the earnings of the largest investor-owned oil and natural gas firms.

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