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About Perspectives

In talking with people about ExxonMobil and energy issues, there are as many viewpoints shared as there are dimensions to the energy challenges we face. Energy is a complex industry that generates strong and diverse views. It’s also the foundation of our global economy and touches our daily lives in countless ways.

To help encourage dialogue on the energy challenges we all face, we’ve created the Perspectives blog to talk about ideas and actions from industry, governments, researchers, and many others that affect the world of energy.

We will also talk about what ExxonMobil is doing to produce the energy our world needs, and our commitment to doing so in a manner that is safe, protects the environment, and upholds the highest principles of corporate citizenship.

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About the author

Suzanne McCarron is vice president of public and government affairs for Exxon Mobil Corporation. She has worldwide responsibility for the company’s public policy, government relations, communications, media relations and corporate citizenship activities.

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