EnergyFactor By ExxonMobil | Pespectives has a new home

Factoring into the discussion

Six years ago we unveiled ExxonMobil Perspectives as a forum for discussion about important energy industry issues.

To support the conversations taking place on the Perspectives blog and give them more detail and context, this week we have launched a new site – the Energy Factor.

04292016_Feature_v2The Energy Factor is an online publishing platform that shines a light on the things our company does as one of the world’s leading energy providers.

More than that, the stories, articles, videos, and infographics on the Energy Factor will help explain how and why we do what we do, all within the context of a world where both the need for energy and the importance of environmental protection will grow in the coming decades.

ExxonMobil employs more than 73,000 men and women around the world, many of whom are pushing the boundaries of science and technological innovation. The Energy Factor will tell their stories. It will offer readers a closer look at the inner workings of our company, and a look at what the future may hold for energy.

ExxonMobil Perspectives will move into the new site, complementing and framing the content published every day on the Energy Factor while continuing to focus on the economic, industry, and public-policy issues of greatest concern to us … and to you.

Please spend some time getting to know the Energy Factor. I encourage you to bookmark the site and to visit often, and to share its content through various social media channels.

There are some important and fascinating conversations taking place about energy, the environment, technology, and the future. I hope you will be part of them.



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