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By now, many of you are aware that crude oil was released from an ExxonMobil Pipeline Company (EMPCo) line in Montana under the Yellowstone River on Friday, and cleanup operations are continuing. As EMPCo president Gary Pruessing has said, we will stay with the cleanup until it is complete, and we sincerely apologize to the people of Montana for the inconvenience the spill has caused.

As the contribution of shale natural gas to our energy and economic security grows, people are seeking more information about how this resource is being produced. Today, ExxonMobil and XTO Energy launched a natural gas website to help address the key issues.

It looks like I wasn’t the only one who had issues with Ian Urbina’s stories in the New York Times on the economic viability of U.S. shale gas. Industry, media, government, academia, investment firms and others have criticized the articles based on the lack of facts and the use of questionable sources.

You really have to wonder why the New York Times is campaigning against cleaner-burning, domestically produced natural gas. In the latest installment (published first yesterday and now today), the Times questions the value of our country’s vast shale gas resources with little more than anonymous sourcing, two-year-old emails and analysis unsupported by fact.