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Our ongoing dialogue with stakeholders

Several weeks ago I mentioned the publication of ExxonMobil’s Corporate Citizenship Report and the metrics we use to measure our performance in areas such as safety, health, environmental protection, and community development.

Stakeholders_Conversation_Feature_06-2015Over the past several years, as we have put together the report, we have engaged an External Citizenship Advisory Panel made up of experts from academia, nongovernmental organizations, and the public sector. The ECAP provides an annual, independent review of the company’s corporate citizenship activities.

You can read this year’s ECAP statement here, along with statements from years past.

In the course of our public engagement, we are often asked questions about our operations and performance by stakeholders such as the members of ECAP.

In this year’s report, we decided to answer some of the recurrent inquiries we have received about ExxonMobil’s key sustainability issues and challenges.

Among these are:

  • How do you respond to those calling for divestment?
  • In the wake of the Lac Megantic accident in Canada, isn’t moving crude oil by rail inherently dangerous?
  • How do you manage water usage and quality in areas where you are conducting hydraulic fracturing?
  • Why are you looking to produce oil and natural gas in the Arctic?
  • Why don’t you set greenhouse gas emissions targets?

These are serious questions deserving serious answers. You can find those answers, as well as my responses to other frequently asked questions, here.

Our stakeholders represent a broad diversity of opinions and include shareholders, governments, suppliers, customers, employees, communities, NGOs, and academic institutions. And it includes readers like you, regardless of whether you fall into one of the above categories.

One of the ways to give feedback is through the comments section on this blog.

I welcome your outside perspective and look forward to hearing your voice on the issues that matter to you most.


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