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Last week, we announced a major oil and natural gas discovery in the Gulf of Mexico – one of the largest there in the last decade. For those who assume that oil only comes from the Middle East or other overseas locations, this find might come as a surprise. It shouldn’t. North America has enormous untapped energy potential that we could develop for American consumers – if governments provide access and uphold sound, stable regulatory frameworks.

Last week, we announced three oil and gas discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico totaling an estimated 700 million barrels of oil equivalent – one of the largest discoveries there in the last decade.

I know the media has been focusing a lot on oil lately, and understandably so given prices at the gas pump. But often overlooked is oil’s broader use throughout our economy – in often surprising ways. Put simply, oil is fundamental to almost every aspect of modern life. In addition to producing gasoline and other transportation fuels, oil also is used to make an array of products essential to the way we live – everything from life-saving medical equipment to the plastics used in computers and cell phones.

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