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Putting our earnings in context

We announced our 2010 results yesterday, and while much of the coverage focused on the headline earnings of $30 billion, I want to share some other key numbers to help put it in perspective.

For example, it cost more than 10 times our earnings – a total of $330 billion – to run our business last year, buying goods and services and employing thousands of people around the world.

Our total tax expenses for the year were $93 billion, which governments use to provide public infrastructure and services in the countries where we operate. Here in the United States, our tax expenses were $9.8 billion – nearly two and a half billion dollars more than we made in this country.

One final thought – we invested a record $32.2 billion to find and develop new energy to meet growing demand. As I’ve mentioned many times, we take a long-term view of our business and continue to invest throughout the ups and downs of the business cycle.

So while the numbers are big, so is the industry and the world’s demand for energy.

You can read more about our earnings here.

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