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Offshore drilling safety news items



Hoover-Diana platformHere are a couple quick news items related to offshore drilling safety that I thought you might be interested in – I’d welcome your comments or thoughts.

    • Yesterday’s USA Today featured a report from Julie Schmit, who visited our Hoover Diana offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. She reported on the way we approach our commitment to safety on our offshore platforms, as well as our approach to safety in general. You can read the story on the USA Today website.


  • Our vice president of engineering, Sara Ortwein, led an industry review of our recently announced rapid-response oil spill containment system during a Bureau of Ocean Energy Management hearing yesterday in New Orleans. This containment system, launched in partnership with Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell, is an unprecedented effort to enhance our industry’s ability to respond to deepwater incidents in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s our firm belief that when best practices are followed and safety precautions are taken, tragic incidents such as the one in the Gulf shouldn’t happen. But, as Sara said yesterday, precaution must be supported by preparedness – and the new system will enhance that preparedness. You can read more about the spill response system on our website.

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