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The Blackbeard well

A couple weeks ago, I talked about our Operations Integrity Management System and how we use it to manage safety and risk at our operations worldwide. Today, The New York Times ran a story that’s an example of how we put that system to work in managing risks related to drilling.  

The story features our experience in drilling a well called Blackbeard offshore Louisiana. Blackbeard was a very deep, high-temperature, high-pressure well, about 100 miles west of where the Deepwater Horizon rig was located. 
After drilling more than 30,000 feet – and spending $187 million — our drillers decided to stop because they felt the well couldn’t be completed safely.  At the time, we were criticized that we “didn’t have the guts” to finish the well. 

You can read more in The Times’ story, New Culture of Caution at Exxon After Valdez.

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