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Tuesday’s hearing

The CapitolYesterday, the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment held a five-hour hearing on the Deepwater Horizon incident.

Our chairman and CEO, Rex Tillerson, appeared with other industry executives. While the hearing was contentious at times, it provided an opportunity for the executives and members of Congress to address many of the issues on everyone’s minds – safety standards, energy security needs, spill response capabilities and more.

I’ll be discussing more about the hearing later this week, but I want to highlight what I feel is one of the key points from Rex’s statement:

“It is critical we understand exactly what happened in this case, both the drill well design and operating procedures, and the execution of the drilling plans, which led to such severe consequences. We need to know if the levels of risk taken went beyond industry norms.”

You can read the full text of Rex’s opening statement here.

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